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A selection of testimonials from our wonderful clients

Dr Saira Hameed

“I decided to try Alexander Technique because my back was always sore, my shoulders sagged, I was mildly stooped and I felt that this was not how one’s body was supposed to feel. After five lessons for the first time in years I was no longer asking my husband to rub my shoulders every evening.”

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“After 10 lessons people I hadn’t seen for a while noticed something different about me – they said that I looked great but couldn’t quite work out what was new. I carried on with my weekly lessons because I was feeling so much better. I was relearning how to walk and stand and sit and lie down, all the things we think that we know how to do but when done poorly can lead to all the problems that I had been experiencing.

I noticed at work (as a doctor) that my hands were much more perceptive when examining patients because my arms were no longer in a constant state of over use. I have recommended the Alexander Technique to many many patients with a variety of problems including back pain and joint pain. If I could refer patients for Alexander Technique on the NHS I undoubtedly would have filled the Pimlico Centre for Alexander Technique appointment book many times over.

I continued with my weekly lessons throughout my recent pregnancy and I am certain that due to this, in nine months I never experienced any back pain or discomfort of any sort. Indeed, I felt so well that I was walking six miles a day until the day before the baby was born.

Three years since my first lesson I am an evangelist about Alexander Technique. Not only has it changed the way that I think about the body and the way that it moves and functions (and as a doctor I think about the body a lot) but through a series of subtle changes week after week I feel so much more comfortable in my own shell. I can’t thank James enough for his expert teaching and for making the lessons such good fun. I can’t imagine now not doing Alexander Technique, professionally and personally it is one of the best discoveries I have ever made.”



Cristina Otazua


Michael Brown

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“What had begun as a badly sprained ankle some years before (an ankle incidentally, which ended my teaching career because an inspector was convinced that a sprain could not last so long and concluded that I must be malingering), became a chronic weakness of the ankle and foot.

Eventually I agreed to surgical intervention to correct a bunion which had troubled be since adolescence. The operation seemed to be a success until one day I ran towards home in the rain, slipped and fell. The fall fractured my Fibia and Tibia in my left leg and further damaged my ankle. After three operations, lots of pins and screws and physiotherapy which lasted months I was told no further healing was possible and I would not be able to walk again without crutches, which seemed to be true.

I saw a publicity flyer for Alexander Technique lessons in Pimlico (with one free lesson offered as a taster), I telephoned and made an appointment. A couple of days later I hobbled over to Pimlico. The lesson seemed unbelievably simple and I doubted its effectiveness. Yet as I walked towards the bus afterwards I was aware that my steps seemed lighter and less painful. I telephoned the Pimlico Centre and booked more lessons. Within a month I had abandoned my crutches and could walk un aided. I still limp a little and from time to time my foot seems to become frazzled, but with the confidence that I have acquired in my lessons and the ability to put things right when they seem troubled, I now get around without difficulty.”

Katherine Alexander

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“I’d always had intermittant comments from close friends and family about my posture which was annoying but I also knew was true and said with my best interests at heart. Wanting to do something about it, I eventually joined a gym and did over two years’ intensive excercise to get myself into shape and start standing up straight. However, swimming, aerobic and weights classes, rowing and running were all putting a terrible strain on my neck, which lead to intense headaches, neck and shoulder pain. Eventually I had to quit the gym which was a shame but even after leaving, I still had headaches and pain with limited success from physiotherapy.

It took two years for a friend to convince me to try Alexander Technique and when he found the Pimlico Centre I gave it a go too. I’ve been going for over a year now and find my classes thoroughly enjoyable and inte ractive. I now have about 90% less pain in my neck and shoulder area, headaches are far fewer, more manageable and my posture’s improved hugely.

I’m now aware of how to take the path of least resistance when it comes to body movement and positioning, making me feel easier and more graceful. Good posture is not the chore I thought it would be and has become second nature to me. My regular visits are relaxing and de-stressing so I leave class feeling renewed. I can’t thank this centre enough for what it ‘s given me.”

Nicolas Pejacsevich

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“I very much look forward to attending my beloved Alexander Technique lesson every Friday afternoon. The Alexander Technique has gently transformed my posture by giving me greater awareness of the way I move… the gentle, fun but firm approach has captivated my attention from my first lesson. The time I spend seems to always go too quickly!”

Walter Fabeck

After hearing about the benefits of Alexander Technique from friends and colleagues for sometime, I started attending lessons with Jean at the Pimlico Centre a few months ago. Unlike many students, I am not looking to correct or cure a chronic pain situation, but am interested in the benefits of the technique in both a personal and professional context because my area of work centres on musical performance, especially piano-playing.

I am delighted with the way the lessons have helped me reconsider the “use” of the body and feel my sitting posture at the keyboard has improved. Additionally I’m aware that I am standing and walking in a better way in everyday life, and my girlfriend has noticed the improvement. Last but not least, I feel very refreshed and relaxed after the sessions and walk out into the street with a clearer head!

Roey Burden

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“I have had to learn to walk six times during my life if you count the very first time as a rather plump toddler!

Two years ago, I was introduced to Alexander Technique. From the very first lesson things felt different – a wonderful lightness after the lesson that I remembered from before and a feeling of mental contentment as well. After a month of weekly lessons I became even more convinced this might be the answer so tried a week of lessons every day and was totally convinced this was it and wh at I had been searching for.

Two years on and with 2 to 3 lessons a week, my life has been transformed. I can walk again and finally, on the sixth attempt, I am walking correctly. I had become so scared of falling I was walking with my shoulders held up in a rigid position, I constantly had my neck bent as I was looking down for any possible obstacles, my asthma was bad because my breathing was restricted, my pelvis likewise and my legs only moving from the knees in small steps.

Now my shoulders are relaxed, I can walk without looking down and just use my peripheral vision, my asthma virtually gone and my whispered “ah” deals with any breathing problems, my hips swinging, my legs striding out and I can walk without effort. I am floating and love every minute of my lessons which have enabled me to be free to walk again where and when I want. My one sadness is that I did not discover Alexander Technique years and years ago.

Ricardo Mateos

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“When I went to the centre I was in severe pain and I had low back pain sitting down and sleeping. I could not go shopping, I had difficulty to walk and digestive problems. I was unable to carry out any professional work for a year. In the first lesson for a moment I felt so light, I had never felt anything like that before. In a few days I was able to sit down and watch TV! Something I was not able to do for several months.

After having lessons for a few months gradually my body’s pain was greatly reduced and my approach and reaction to the environment started to change to embrace changes and different experiences. Furthermore, as I got better and more positive myself, it also changed the life of my dearest ones who surround myself. I can happily report that in a few months of Alexander Technique’s lessons I was able to start part-time work and going to work walking!”

Miriam Rumbold

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“At 34 weeks pregnant I have been extremely lucky to have no aches or pains at all throughout my entire pregnancy. This, I absolutely attribute to the work I have been doing throughout with Alexander Technique.

Using the Alexander Technique has made me so much more aware of using correct posture and how to accommodate the ever-growing bump! I would highly recommend using Alexander Technique in pregnancy – particularly here at the Pimlico Centre.”

Matthew Waudby

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“Having had Alexander Technique lessons elsewhere for several years and benefitted a lot in terms of posture and use, I stumbled across the Pimlico centre and thought I would give it a try.

To my delight, my suspicion that I may not improve much further proved to be completely incorrect and I have continued to improve my use through lessons with a number of excellent teachers. I highly recommend the centre and its friendly, enthusiastic and highly skilled staff.”


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“I first stumbled across the Pimlico Centre whilst walking past their shop on Moreton Street in the summer of 2009. I had always thought Alexander Technique was for catwalk models and involved balancing books on your head!

I’m 6 foot 3 inches and I had developed a very bad slouch and was willing to try anything to help correct it. Trying to describe the changes I have experienced since I started my lessons is not easy. The lessons have fundamentally changed the way I ‘use’ my body in every sense. Not only has my slo uch completely gone but I have an ease and freedom of movement I never thought was possible. I had always thought you were born with light feet or good posture or quick reaction times. I now know it’s something all of us born with and its something many of us end up undoing.

Alexander Technique has given me a Zen like calm in the use of my body (you can tell I grew up watching kung fu movies!). Whether it’s in sport (boxing, snowboarding, squash, running) or sat at work in front of the computer, or just in everyday life. I enjoy the smooth and mechanical use of my body so much more. I’m a mathematician (and a natural sceptic),but there is a wonderful biomechanical science behind everything you are taught at Alexander Technique. Don’t worry you don’t need to be an engineer or scientist to learn or appreciate this!

I thoroughly recommend lessons at the Pimlico Centre with the excellent teachers they have. Give them and Alexander Technique a try. You have nothing to lose.”

Stephen Ashley-King

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“Working with professional orchestral players and singers I have often had the benefits of Alexander Technique recommended to relieve back pain, poor posture and improve breathing – all areas which can have a detrimental effect on performing to the highest standard, if not managed correctly.

Unable to find a local teacher and after a number of years trying various therapies, (including some really cranky ones) to relieve lower back pain, I discovered the Pimlico Centre – and what a find it is! Having Alexander lessons has been the best thing ever for my back and for correcting my posture. The lessons are not only educative because the process is simple and logical, but also fun. I find a 45 minute lesson once a week therapeutic; I leave feeling more balanced, lighter, and clearer in the mind after a s**t day at the office.

Improvement doesn’t happen instantly – that’s up to you – but it’s pretty damn quick. I won’t bang on about it anymore; go try it yourself!”

Helen Woolston

"I came to Alexander Technique because of what felt like constant severe headaches – now I can’t remember the last time I had one!"