Kind words from our pupils.

Dr Saira Hammed

I decided to try the Alexander Technique because my back was always sore, my shoulders sagged, I was mildly stooped and I felt that this was not how one’s body was supposed to feel. After five lessons … more

Cristina Otazua

Video testimonial:  ‘. . . my back felt so much better, you feel much more relaxed, and you feel like your spine has been elongated and if a reset button has been pressed . . . ‘  more

Roey Burden

I have had to learn to walk 6 times during my life if you count the very first time as a rather plump toddler! Two years ago, I was introduced to the Alexander Technique. From the very first lesson things felt different – a wonderful lightness after the lesson that … more


Video testimonial: ‘. .  . if I’d found it before 2014 I probably wouldn’t have had to have spinal surgery . .  . ‘ more

Miriam Rumbold

At 34 weeks pregnant I have been extremely lucky to have no aches or pains at all throughout my entire pregnancy. This, I absolutely attribute to the work I have been doing throughout with the Alexander Technique. Using the Technique … more

Ricardo Mateos

When I went to the centre I was in severe pain and I had low back pain sitting down and sleeping. I could not go shopping, I had difficulty to walk and digestive problems. I was unable to carry out any professional work for a year. In the first lesson for a moment I felt so light, … more

Nicolas Pejacsevich

I very much look forward to attending my beloved Alexander Technique lesson every Friday afternoon. The Technique has gently transformed my posture by giving me greater awareness of the way I move … more

Stephen Ashley-King

Working with professional orchestral players and singers I have often had the benefits of the Alexander Technique recommended to relieve back pain, poor posture and improve breathing – all areas which can … more

Katherine Alexander

I’d always had intermittant comments from close friends and family about my posture which was annoying but I also knew was true and said with my best interests at heart. Wanting to do something … more

Matthew Waudby

Having had Alexander Technique lessons elsewhere for several years and benefitted a lot in terms of posture and use, I stumbled across the Pimlico centre and thought I would give it a try. To my delight, … more

Helen Woolston

I came to the AT because of what felt like constant severe headaches – now I can’t remember the last time I had one!

Helen Woolston

Walter Fabeck

After hearing about the benefits of Alexander Technique from friends and colleagues for sometime, I started attending lessons with Jean at the Pimlico Centre a few months ago. Unlike many students, . . . more


I first stumbled across the Pimlico Centre whilst walking past their shop on Moreton Street in the summer of 2009. I had always thought the Alexander Technique was for catwalk models and involved balancing books on your head! I’m 6 foot 3 inches and … more

Michael Brown

What had begun as a badly sprained ankle some years before (an ankle incidentally, which ended my teaching career because an inspector was convinced that a sprain could not last so long and concluded that I must be malingering), … more


Video testimonial: ‘. .  . at the minute, [the Alexander Technique] is working, it is assisting in my recovery, my shoulder is feeling a lot better now.’ more