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Is Alexander Technique for me?

Am I the right age?

At the Pimlico Centre our youngest pupil is five and our eldest is 98! There is no reason why age should be a barrier to learning.

Do I need to be fit?

There is no minimum level of fitness required and you will not be asked to perform any exercises or wear special clothing.

Can it help my sport?

Definitely yes! Alexander Technique helps you become more mobile, more coordinated and more aware of your movements. From cricket to karate, from rowing gently to running a marathon, the technique can help your performance.

Does it involve manipulation?

No. Alexander Technique is a creative learning process and the teacher will help you with both verbal and manual guidance. Alexander teachers are highly trained in a delicate and accurate use of the hands designed not to manipulate but to increase your awareness of your own body.

I have a disability

All of our teachers are experienced at working with students with a variety of disabilities and we strive to make Alexander Technique accessible to everybody. Please make sure we understand your needs when booking your lesson.

I'm in a wheelchair

Our teaching rooms are at Lower Ground floor level and so you will need to be able to walk down one flight of stairs to have lessons at our centre.

Can I just try it out?

Yes, start with one lesson and find out if Alexander Technique is for you.

For more information about the Alexander Technique please visit the below websites: