Walking is basic to the Alexander Technique

Walking is basic to the Alexander Technique and we teach it in our lessons as it is such a fundamental part of daily life.

In this article, for the charity BackCare (the National Back Pain Association), an Alexander Technique teacher discusses how the Alexander Technique benefits walking. (Click ‘Full Screen’ for easy reading.)

Alexander Technique on BBC

Inspiring to see the Alexander Technique being featured in yesterday’s episode of “Doctor in the House”. A paralympic athlete who had lost a leg as a child was shown how to use himself better and put less strain on his shoulders during everyday life, using his crutches and his very demanding sport. This will enable him to continue to compete in ice sledge hockey and to minimise the damage to his shoulders that would otherwise lead to a life in the wheelchair.

You can watch the program on the BBC iPlayer if you live in the UK and have a TV licence.


Alexander Technique at the Workplace

Swiss television news recently carried a news story about health and well-being at work. The HR Manager of Victorinox (Swiss army knife company) spoke about how the introduction of the Alexander Technique into their workplace had caused a reduction of 30,000 hours of absenteeism per year, a saving of roughly 1-2 millions Swiss Francs.

This link shows SRF news bulletin of 31 January (scroll to “Fit am Arbeitsplatz”). It is in German.

The project is described in greater detail in the 2008 Congress Papers, you can read an extract here.