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This BBC video article reports on a woman who suffers from such severe back pain that she has to lie down every day, for 10-15 minutes, and sometimes in public (which she is uncomfortable about). The article does not mention the Alexander Technique, but the Technique has used and recommended the semi-supine (lying on your back with your knees up) for over a century, for everybody, whether you have back pain or not. Semi-supine is an ideal way to rest and release the muscles of your back and to allow your spine to elongate. She – Raquel Meseguer – also talks about the importance of ‘stopping’, which is an essential ingredient of the Technique. We very much want to support her campaign to have public spaces where it is acceptable to lie down. When having lessons in the Alexander Technique you will learn how to stop and how to use the semi-supine for optimal release of all of yourself (not just the back).

To hear Raquel Meseguer’s story go to BBC here:

BBC: why-i-want-to-lie-down-in-public